Week 2 Day 6

Breakfast: Eggs whites, potatoes, steak

Lunch: Snack

Dinner: Ruby Tuesday

My birthday! I really had to mentally prepare for this day because I’m the type who likes to celebrate hard- with treats. Cake, ice cream, WINE. But knowing ahead of time that I had to make good, clean choices made the day easier and I still felt fulfilled.

I had a huge breakfast of steak, egg whites and potatoes, a ton of protein and I definitely felt full for a long time after eating this. A good explanation why I only had a snack for lunch, and I knew I would be going out to dinner so I wanted to make sure I felt hungry before going to the restaurant. I spent the day looking up different menus so I could confidently order something Whole30 compliant, and found that Ruby Tuesday had the most options.

I ordered a small steak with a plain baked potato (I added salt, pepper, and hot sauce) and the salad bar. I had to ask for the steak to be cooked without butter as it was pictured on the menu; I always hate making special requests, but it was a small change and they didn’t seem to mind.  I loaded up on salad, went back for seconds, and even took a to-go box full of greens and veggies home! I was a little sad I had to skip the croutons because Ruby Tuesday has the best kind, but I had so many other good things on my plate I got over that pretty quickly.

I got a box of Lemon Bar Larabars as a gift, they taste JUST LIKE a normal sugar loaded lemon bar which amazes me! That was my celebratory treat and it was so incredibly satisfying. I’m not sure if this goes against Whole30 rules a little because they want you to try to stear away from celebrating with food, but I already felt like I had control over cravings and food intake so I didn’t feel like I would be tempted to fall off track. I also got two new Lodge cast iron pans, a 10-inch and a grill pan! Maybe I’m just easy to please, but I don’t need much to make me happy. I like to keep things low key these days, and my 4 year old was at Grammys house, so I took advantage of some peace and quiet and relaxed at home for the evening. I’m a big fan of staying in during Winter.


-Cast iron love-

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