Week 1 Day 4

Breakfast: Hashbrowns, avocado, beef burger

Lunch: Butternut noodles + beef (leftover)

Dinner: White chicken chili

When I plan meals I base them on what is on sale that week at the grocery store and build my plan around what I find that week. I do most of my shopping at Aldi, but stop in to Walmart to check if there is any meat on clearance. I try to have a protein, carb source, and vegetable with each meal.

I think these are the hash browns I made for breakfast, just make sure to check the ingredients label to see if they are compliant if you are doing a Whole30. I made a regular burger patty seasoned with salt & pepper and once cooked cut it into pieces and put it in a bowl with the hash browns and topped with avocado (s&p, garlic powder, crushed red pepper mixed in) and mixed it all together. Easy and filling.

I had never made a white chicken chili before, but it sounded so good on a disgustingly cold evening. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and made it on the stove top. I usually don’t have every ingredient on hand for recipes I find, but make do with the ingredients I do have. For this one, I had chicken thighs, used coconut oil instead of ghee, bone broth (that I found on clearance for 25 cents a piece!), and no lime or cilantro. It was still SO GOOD and am actually surprised I haven’t made it again since this! I love everything to be spicy and jalapenos give this just the right amount of kick.

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