Week 2 Day 1

Breakfast: Steak, eggs, potato slices

Lunch: Apple, banana, larabar

Dinner: Pork roast, potatoes

Steak & eggs just sounds like a massive meal that would leave you feeling sluggish, but this breakfast was awesome and only made me feel energized and ready to take on the day. I really try to listen to my body when I’m eating a meal because it’s easy for me to over eat when something tastes good, but that makes me lazy and sleepy and I really do not enjoy those feelings, especially first thing in the morning. I kept the eggs simple this time since there is a lot of food on this plate, so just some salt, pepper, and hot sauce. The potatoes are easy to cook on the stove, I used my biggest cast iron skillet with coconut oil and seasonings and cooked the potatoes until soft. I didn’t have much of a lunch because breakfast kept me full for a long time, so just a couple of my usual snacks throughout the afternoon.

Maybe the best invention, as far as lazy cooking goes, is the slow cooker. I put a pork roast, quartered potatoes, green peppers and onions in with seasonings and a little water and a few hours later the house smelled amazing and, with little effort, dinner was ready. So the only work that went into cooking for this day was the eggs and potatoes at breakfast! I had the potatoes, onions, and peppers chopped and ready from my prep work so it took no time at all to put together these meals.

When I buy packaged products, like coconut oil or almond butter, I always get the kinds in glass jars because they can be washed and reused. I store chopped vegetables, prepped egg whites, and leftovers in them or I’ll use as drinking glasses for iced coffee or apple cider vinegar mixes. Use them for anything and everything!



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