Week 3 Day 1

Breakfast: Egg whites

Lunch: Snack

Dinner: Chicken, veggies, mashed potatoes

Coconut milk and clarified butter are used to make these mashed potatoes and they taste just like any other mashed potato recipe! I don’t use exact amounts of either, I just add some butter then add milk until it is the thick and creamy texture I like and then I’ll sprinkle in pepper & garlic salt for extra flavor.

One product I frequently include in my diet, but might have to be checked for Whole30 compliance, is collagen powder. I heard of it through a couple different social media accounts that I follow, each saying how great it had been for their hair, skin, and nails so I was curious to try it out. My nails have always grown long, but I don’t think my hair has ever grown further than my collar bones…until I started adding collagen powder to my water and coffee. I’ve seen recipes for collagen smoothiesshakes, and juice but have yet to try any of those recipes for myself. I’m hooked on adding a scoop into a cup of coffee with a little almond or coconut milk, it tastes like a treat since I usually drink my coffee black. I’ve only tried thisbrand that I find at Marshall’s for ten dollars and it lasts me a couple months.

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