Week 4 Day 2

One of those days where I just don’t really know what I want for breakfast so I have a weird combo of almonds and almond butter. Who knows why I do such things, but it’s just about getting fuel in. Lunch, a burger patty cooked in a pan with some pineapple and jalapenos pan fried and served on top. Dinner was Sam’s Choice compliant apple chicken sausage that I put on top of pan cooked peppers and onion and a microwave bag of riced cauliflower. There is a good chance I put mustard on top of all of it because that’s one of the most compliant condiments in Whole30.


Breakfast: Almonds, almond butter (ha!)

Lunch: burger, pineapple, jalapeno

Dinner: chicken sausage, green pepper, onion, cauliflower rice

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