Workout 10.23.18

Warm up: Stretch leg, arm, back muscles.

10 body weight squats – stretch leg muscles, repeat 3 times (30 squats total)

5 push ups – stretch arm and back muscles, repeat 3 times (15 total push ups)

Dumbbell shoulder press 3×15-12-10 reps. I worked to failure, meaning the first set I was able to do 15 reps, next I could only do 12, then the last set, 10.

Reverse fly machine (rear delts) 3 x 10 reps, alternating with 15-25 plate shrugs. Hold a plate in each hand, shrug, hold for a second, lower down. That’s one rep.

Seated row 4×12 reps

Back extension, hold plate. 3×15 reps, alternating with 20 tricep dips

Cable leg abductor/adductors

Abs 40-30-20-10

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