Winter Squash Soup

This has a pretty thick consistency so I don’t know if you want to call it soup, but it’s so good, and comforting on a cold day.

2-12 oz packages Birds Eye frozen cooked Winter squash

1 large onion

1 vegetable bouillon cube

7 oz coconut milk (I used Marion’s Kitchen)

1 box Red Lentil Rotini

2 cups water, divided

salt & pepper

Cook chopped onion in a little oil on medium heat in the bottom of a large pot. When onion softens and starts to brown, add one cup water and a vegetable bouillon cube and bring to boil. Once cube is dissolved and mixed through, add one package of squash and half of the coconut milk and let it heat until broken up and creamy. Repeat with the other package of squash and the rest of the coconut milk. Add salt& pepper to taste.

Next, add the other cup of water and box of rotini. Cook for about 8 minutes, stirring frequently, or until pasta is tender, but not falling apart.

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