Workout 1.21.19

I didn’t write a couple of my workouts down before this one because I recently signed on as a personal trainer at my gym and have been talking to so many new people during my workouts. I went from knowing zero people at the gym and now I talk to so many people every time I’m there.

I didn’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym today, but also didn’t plan on spending so much of that time on the treadmill. I haven’t been able to run pain-free for over a year because of a stress fracture in my foot, so little by little I’ve been adding more time/distance. It feels really good and I can’t wait until summer so I can run outside again!

2.5 mile jog/run. I started at speed 6.0, and after 1.5 miles, slowly increased the speed, topping off at 7.5 for the last quarter mile. Then I came back down to 6.0 for two minutes, then 3.3 for one minute.

Ab work: Medicine ball sit ups 2 x 25

Plank 1 min

Hip dips from plank to failure

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