Creamy (n)ice cream

You’re not going to believe the main ingredient in this one:

Zucchini. You probably just thought, “what the??” Yes, it’s for real.

I wasn’t totally convinced this would work, but it is SUPER CREAMY. I made this two days in a row, and plan to make more later this week! And something I want to be sure of with everything I eat – it has to be gut friendly. Meaning it won’t make me feel bloated or give me a stomach ache after I eat it.

Aside from zucchini, the other important part of this recipe is the protein powder. You really need a brand that has a really great flavor FIRST and is boosted by other flavors, and vice versa. I’ve tried just about every kind out there and have landed on a kind that not only tastes amazing, but it has pre/probiotics in it too + other good stuff.

This recipe calls for a chocolate protein powder, but I only had vanilla so I doubled the amount of cacao powder, which I used instead of cocoa powder.

Click >here< for the recipe, I hope you’ll let me know in the comments if you try it!!

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