Improving My Skin Part 1

I have an entire section on this blog dedicated to my personal experience with the Whole 30 program; thirty days of food elimination to figure out which, if any, foods are causing different reactions in the body. Anything from bloating and gas to skin irritations and mood swings can be the result of food sensitivities! (In the United States alone, 60+ million people suffer from food related issues 😮) Talking to your wellness professional can help you get to the bottom of these issues, but in this country, that’s not always an option (read: our healthcare system is wack). Here are my personal opinions and experiences having completed one round of the Whole30 program, and made an entire lifestyle shift after the Gut Protocol program.

It’s not the easiest process to go through, but if you have a plan in place then it can be pretty simple. If I didn’t make a plan for every single week there definitely would have been a point where I would have slipped up. Without a plan, I would have given up the first time life felt too busy, or overwhelmed with all the tasks that present themselves throughout a normal day with kids and pets. There is a reason that the quote -fail to plan, plan to fail- is so popular. It is so true for most things in life! I’ll be the first to admit sticking to a plan has not always been the easiest for me, even when I am interested in whatever it is I’m trying to stick to.

When I first considered the Whole30 program I asked my husband, Matt, to do it with me for accountability because when he decides to stick to something, anything, that’s it – he does it. So I knew having him with me would help me stay the course. Thirty days later we felt pretty amazing…but we jumped right back into our old habits. This is when I started to feel pretty terrible. Although I had gone through the reintroduction phase and knew how things made me feel, I decided to ignore that, and wouldn’t realize until later on that I was feeling bad because I was still dealing with food sensitivities. I didn’t take what I learned from the Whole30 program and use it to better my life. It was more of a “can I finish this program,” and once I did I felt accomplished – but didn’t realize the true impact until later.

A few months after reintroduction I started to develop psoriasis patches on my skin, something I had never experienced before, but runs in my family. At first I had NO CLUE what it was and went into panic mode. But after a few days of wearing a band-aid over the new patch on my hand, I realized what it had to be, and used Google to confirm. Some might not make the connection between the two, but I think the Universe helped me find that relation. Before Whole30 I was eating the Standard American Diet, then after eating a squeaky clean diet for thirty days, I went right back to that S.A.D diet. In my head it made complete sense that they were related, but I was positive at the time it was only dairy that was contributing to my new skin problems. So I cut out dairy and meat. And still the psoriasis continued to spread. But I thought I just needed more time.

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