Improving My Skin Part 2

When you’re going through food sensitivity struggles, it can feel like every little thing will be an issue. It can be intimidating to even try new foods because you don’t know how it will affect you after. But once you know your trigger food(s) you can start healing your gut and know that you will be able to eat the things you want to in the future. I was throwing things against the wall to see what would help me, but I felt like I was stuck going in circles without any real solutions. Between 2018 and 2022 I felt like things were never going to change, and because psoriasis is an autoimmune issue, I thought there was nothing I could do.

Fast forward to 2022, a new program came out, The 4 Week Gut Protocol. Just like Whole30, the Gut Protocol program calls to eliminate the most common food allergens from your diet for four weeks, then reintroduce them one by one to see how things make you feel. The only real difference is in the GP you have guidelines to help you calculate how much food you should be eating, where the Whole30 just gives you the foods to avoid. This taught me how good I can feel when I’m getting all the essential nutrients my body needs instead of trying to piece together meals and *hope* I’m getting what I need. Which honestly, I didn’t think about nutrients at all during my first round of W30. Live and learn.

After four weeks of elimination, I felt AMAZING! I used to feel bloated almost all the time, pretty much as soon as I would eat something in the morning – I’d feel bloated all day. But eating whole foods in the right proportions helps the body truly work the way it’s supposed to. The best part – I started noticing a difference in my skin. It was nowhere near clear, but it was different. I didn’t reintroduce any foods right away, except I added ONE of the food categories back in – legumes. I *thought* this one would be fine and as someone who eats vegan + gluten free I wanted a little more variety in what I was eating day to day. Fast forward a week or two and my skin was changing again…but it was going BACK to the way it was before GP! Again, this is the part of the process that’s annoying – testing different foods to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it feels easier to stick with the allergen free, whole foods way of eating instead of trying a food, waiting a few days to see how things go, adding it back in, waiting a few days again. It’s a process, but is so worth it I promise!!

Again I went back to the original plan, back to no foods that are on the common allergen list – including legumes – and I decided to continue on with it indefinitely. I wanted to see a difference in my skin again; I was determined! I was loving all the foods I was eating anyway, and my gut was feeling awesome! So it didn’t feel difficult to stick to. Reminder: it took five years of trial and error and winding down different paths trying to get here. It certainly did not happen over night!! Feeling confident about food, especially when you have to relearn every wrong thing you’ve ever been told by any media source, takes time and effort and will feel like a full struggle sometimes.

Fast forward to today, I’m still working on figure it all out, but have seen about 60% improvement in my skin. At one point I saw about 90% improvement – that was when I was eating completely clean with no hiccups in my diet. I have a new mentality about food and life, because, yes I want to feel my very best every day and I know that happens through what I consume. BUT, I’d also like to ENJOY life by eating fun foods that are not necessarily “clean.” For example, France is in my future travel plans and I KNOW I will eat macarons while I’m there – of course, not a vegan or gluten free or allergen friendly food. But would I really fly all that way and not enjoy the best of what they have to offer?? (the answer is no).

I am still following The Gut Protocol so my skin can maybe one day be back to 90% clear (or more), but I am OPEN to what life has to offer, and sometimes if I want to stray from my plan for the real important life moments (like croissants in France, not just pizza because I don’t feel like cooking).

Life is short, I believe we should treat every day as a celebration! You never know when the party is over. Eat the foods you like, but don’t forget we run on essential nutrients. Start with the very basics to help your body work the way it needs to, and add in the fun from there.

Want to see an improvement in your life through gut health, skin, energy, sleep, and more? Click here for the 4 Week Gut Protocol.

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