I have a heavy workout schedule, so I will have one or two snacks during the day if I feel I need it. Usually, that will be before a workout and/or after dinner. Whole30 is about eating more at meals so you don’t need to snack the rest of the day, but I always listen to my body and if it’s saying it needs a little something, I will pick something from the list below. I have my favorites so it will almost always be one of these things, unless mentioned in a daily post.

  • Whole apple. My favorite kinds are Honey Crisp or Pink Lady, and I keep them in the refrigerator – they are so much better cold!
  • Banana. I don’t love or crave bananas, but one banana and a couple almonds before a workout and I feel like I can take on the world.
  • Nuts. I always have plain, unsalted almonds on hand because they’re quick to grab if I’m headed out the door or just need something to settle my stomach. I also love to have a few with my morning coffee, it’s the perfect pair.
  • Coffee. Since I mentioned coffee, I’ll note I use coffee as a cravings smasher throughout the day as well. A cup of black coffee, alternated with 16-ounce bottles of water – all day long – keeps me caffeinated, but also hydrated so I can perform my best in the gym and at home, where I spend my days with a four-year-old.
  • Nut butters. My weakness. I can eat an entire jar of almond or cashew butter in two days if I don’t control myself. This has happened. Nut butters have that good kind of fat, good for your hair-skin-nails, but you still have to pay attention to how much you’re eating. I like to eat almond or cashew butter with a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon so I don’t overdo it. When I find them on sale, I also like to have single serving nut butters (this or this) in the house so if we’re in a hurry to get out the door (frequently) I can throw them in my bag and it’s something that will satisfy me until my next meal.
  •  LarabarsThe best thing ever created. It will make all your cravings go away, but you have to use them sparingly. This is for those emergency-type situations because they can be so addicting. They have a ton of different flavors, but only some are compliant with Whole30. My favorite is the Chocolate Coconut Chew, which I noticed twenty days in that it’s on the approved list. Awesome, regardless.