The internet is saturated with Whole30 recipes and plans and lists, but when I began planning my first Whole30 in December 2017, I quickly realized the more inspiration and tips you read, the more your chance of having a successful thirty+ days will be. I want to use this blog to share what my Whole30 looked like and how I felt through the thirty days.

I started planning meals and shopping lists in December to prepare for the Whole30 to start in January 2018. It’s so cliché to start a “diet” at the beginning of the New Year, but for me it felt like the perfect reset to get off on the right foot for a successful year. The holidays bring so many delicious sugary treats and my body was begging me to slow down and give it more nutritious foods.

This is not the first time I completely revamped my diet, so I knew it was something I could accomplish no problem. A year ago I trained for and competed in two fitness competitions and was on a macro based diet for nearly six months to become stage ready. It was a life changing time, but as soon as I was finished with the second show I knew I was ready to take time off and that turned into sugar overload aka weight gain aka being uncomfortable and always sick. Not. Ever. Worth it.

You don’t have to start a Whole30 to eat healthier, it’s about choosing real food and paying attention to how much sugar you have in your diet, including the hidden kinds. There are a ton of different names for sugar and it’s in everything! Pay attention to ingredient labels, and make small changes every day.

Cutting out processed and sugary foods has made me feel 1000% better in every aspect of my life and I hope to use this blog to make healthy eating a little easier for someone else!

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