Spicy Acorn Squash Energy Bowl

I needed a good meal after the gym and came up with this awesome dish. I had a half serving of rice and half of an acorn squash in my bowl, trying not to go overboard on carbs. Also I used more of a deep plate, but I’m still calling it a bowl!

Acorn Squash

White rice

Red, green, yellow bell peppers



Hemp hearts

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Cut squash in half starting at the stem then scoop out the seeds. Place squash face down in baking dish with just enough water to cover bottom of dish and bake for about 30 minutes or until skin can be pierced easily with fork.

Cook rice according to package. Chop peppers and onion and cook in cast iron skillet until soft and slightly browned.

I had guacamole already made, but it’s super easy. Avocado, salt & pepper, garlic powder, chipotle pepper, Franks hot sauce. Done!

Scoop squash from skin into bowl and add peppers, onion, rice, guac, hemp hearts, and hot sauce.

Pictured is everything together in my bowl, but then I mixed it all up to eat it (not as pretty).

*Add cooked cubed chicken if you eat meat