Birthday Workout 1.13.19

2.22 miles in 22.22 minutes, because I could see that the times were getting close to matching so I lined them up on purpose 🙂

3 x 10 lateral shoulder raises

3 x 12 alt bicep curl

3 x 12 wide lat pull down

3 x 10 seated row

Superset with 3 x 10 rear delt machine

3 x 10 weighted squats

3 x 15 curtsy squat

Workout 11.9.18

Stretch. Use light weights during stretching to prepare muscles for workout.

4 x 12 Lateral shoulder raises. Use heavy weight to failure^, finish with smaller weight.

4 x 15 Plate shrugs

4 x 10 Rear delt machine

3 Round Superset for grip strength:

Close grip hang to failure. Close grip pull ups to failure.

Wide grip hang to failure. Wide grip pull up to failure.

                                                                                      *Close & Wide = 1 set

4 x 15 back extension machine

4 x 15 tricep dumbbell kickbacks

Superset: 4 x 12 tricep push down

4 x 20 standing lat pull down

30 body weight squats

100 sit ups

3 rounds plank to failure

^To failure, meaning to perform the exercise until you can no longer lift the weight or use correct form